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We Must All Do Our part.

We believe that the world needs your organization to help shape the world to be a better place now more than ever! 


We work with your team and resources to discover your organization’s root problems daily and bring them to the surface to implement strategic solutions.

solutions built with Purpose

Workplace Solutions

Combining Tech & People
  • Project Management
  • Processes & SOP's
  • Virtual Admins
  • App Development & Automations
  • Telecom & IT

Brand Solutions

Making Others Aware Of Your Purpose
  • Web Development & Support
  • UX/UI Strategy
  • Content Universe Strategy
  • Network Expansion
  • Branding & Design

Data Driven Decisions

Support Your Decisions With Hard Data
  • Research & Development
  • Reporting Automations
  • Marketing Analytics
  • ROI Reporting
  • Goal Mapping


Jeff LWF

Drew and his team at World Shift Tech go above and beyond in what they say the will do to help out our cause. It started off as a simple CRM fix to reach out to more of our volunteers, then turned into a multiple projects that addressed our bottlenecks. Setting up team communication, helping with our website, getting started with our Google Ad Grants, and saving us hours of time a week by setting up a digital waiver process. I turn to them now to help the Lockwood Foundation continue to grow its efforts. Thank you!

Jeffrey Lockwood

The Lookwood Foundation

Lets Make a Shift In The World Together

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