Helping Solopreneurs and Businesses reach their full potential.

Strategy & Planning

Our team is committed to helping you and your team achieve its goals. We can help you identify the strategies that will boost current and future success, as well as develop plans tailored specifically toward meeting those objectives!

Systems & Applications

Creating software to help monitor and evaluate business performance and integrate technology efficiently to run your day-to-day tasks. We make sure you are operating to the highest capacity without wasting time or money in areas that teammates or technology can handle

Featured Systems We Can build

  • Project Management
  • Case Management
  • CRM’s
  • Marketing & Social Media Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Grant & Donor Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Student & Course Management
  • Marketing & Social Media Management
  • Life & Personal Management
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Save Money and Time

We will help you design a project management system to work for your team. Take out the guesswork and set priorities and workflow for the whole organization. From organized note-taking, time tracking, checklists, and training. We can help you create the perfect base of operations so you are spending less time and money accomplishing goals.

Streamline Communication

By partnering with our team, we will help you create a more organized and effective way for your team to communicate. This includes developing communication channels, documentation and training, and other process development.

Track & Report What You Need

We’ll help you design your reporting metrics so that they provide any information to track and measure success. Whether it’s your marketing, team activity-whatever is most important for the business.

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Case Studies

Case management System

The Need: Homeless Helping Homeless a housing provider nonprofit, needed a case management system that would efficiently house and track applicants then report back to their grant funders

The Solution: Partnering with ANEW Social, we outlined a program design to suit their needs in a case management system.  We then documented and blueprinted all the functionalities of system. From there, we built out the database and connections which included any automations that were documented in the blueprint. We included training and video documentation of all workflows and how to operate in their new CMS.

Operations Development

The Need: Hapa Audio needed a base of operations being a solopreneur. This included project management, business development, and consulting


The Solution: We built a base of operations for Hapa to work out of. This included building a business plan, creating departments/roles, helping to find the right hires, building a sales/project management platform and designing systems that automate and save time for operations. 

The Lockwood Foundation
Making Adventure Accessible

Volunteer Pipeline Automation

The Need: The nonprofit needed a way to streamline getting more volunteers when new events came up



The Solution: We created a guided technical process that included their social media, website, and CRM. We then implemented a waiver software that would automatically get them informed and signed on to the next volunteering events. We took this same solution and implemented it on the website as well. 

"Drew and his team at World Shift Tech go above and beyond in what they say they will do to help out our cause. It started off as a simple CRM fix to reach out to more of our volunteers, then turned into multiple projects that addressed our bottlenecks—setting up team communication, helping with our website, getting started with our Google Ad Grants, and saving us hours a week by setting up a digital waiver process. I turn to them now to help the Lockwood Foundation continue to grow its efforts. Thank you!"
Jeff LWF
Jeffrey Lockwood
The Lockwood Foundation
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