Our Mission is your Mission

We want to do our part by using our skills and network to help you.

THe world Needs to change

We all know that this earth is precious to us and we must treat it with care. That also includes the people who inhabit the earth. Our current situation in how our society solves Global issues is slow paced. We want to speed that up by supporting the industries who tackle key points in shifting the world into a more open minded and solution driven society. We can ALL live better lives by helping the world by bringing awareness to the brilliant minds who have these businesses.

We have put together that there are 6 major issues in the world and they can be split up into fundamental vs symptomatic issues. Just like a sickness if you cure the symptoms the underlying cause of the sickness is still there. So we must start tackling the fundamental issues our world is facing.

Global Education / Epistemology

Global Economy

Social Inequality

Climate Change

Resource Consumption

Health & Wellness

We have narrowed this list to 3 fundamental issues that dictate all the remaining issues. Global Education / Epistemology, Global Economy, Social Inequality are the main causes of the other global issues (Yes including Global Warming). If you are in one of these spaces we would love to have conversations with you and see how we can help that vision. Even if you are in another one of these categories your vision matters and we want to make it our vision.

Catered Solutions to your Vision

Impact your world

You have a mission to impact the world and we are a team that wants to dedicate ourselves to your cause. Through workplace and marketing services curated to your specific needs, we can help your vision finally take off!


If you can’t identify with the 6 fundamental issues above but still have a genius idea that impacts the world we want to hear from you! We work with all stages of business.

lets impact the world
Jeff LWF

Drew and his team at World Shift Tech go above and beyond in what they say the will do to help out our cause. It started off as a simple CRM fix to reach out to more of our volunteers, then turned into a multiple projects that addressed our bottlenecks. Setting up team communication, helping with our website, getting started with our Google Ad Grants, and saving us hours of time a week by setting up a digital waiver process. I turn to them now to help the Lockwood Foundation continue to grow its efforts. Thank you!

Jeffrey Lockwood

The Lookwood Foundation