Our Impact

World Shift Tech strives to constantly make an impact in our community

Hours a month given back to make a difference

This cumulative number is how many hours we have helped social impact companies save on tasks and back-end operations. These would normally be used up by mundane, repetitive, or complex tasks, but have been optimized thanks to our solutions.

Average Monthly Engagement Increase

This metric combines website optimization, CRM automation, marketing consulting, and non-profit advertising to help stakeholders get engaged with their mission.


We believe in the “set up and let run” method where building long term strategies to have passive generating engagement is key to bigger impact over time.  Meaning this number typically stays even after months of us completing a project.

Average Volunteers Per Month

This is the average volunteers we have helped bring in on a monthly basis. This number comes from marketing strategies, reporting, and volunteer solutions that we have helped put into place for our clients.

Other metrics we are proud of

Metric tons of CO2 not emitted per year working remotely
Hours a month we volunteer

Make an Impact Page Yourself!

Making an impact page is not about competition or showing off. This page is meant to be a motivator to constantly improve and make an even bigger impact on your mission. Use it to motivate your stakeholders, yourself and to really put in perspective of what you are doing to make a difference.