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Highlighted Development Projects

Case management System

The Need: Homeless Helping Homeless needed a case management system that would efficiently house and track applicants then report back to their grant funders


The Solution: Partnering with ANEW Social, we outlined a program design to suit their needs in a case management system.  We then documented and blueprinted all the functionalities of system. From there, we built out the database and connections which included any automations that were documented in the blueprint. We included training and video documentation of all workflows and how to operate in their new CMS.

Project Management & Operations

The Need: ANEW Social Solutions needed a base of operations to handle clients and operate out of.


The Solution:  We created a CRM & Project management system that fit the workflow needed for the organization. This also included communication channels, automation, and other IT support to help them create high-quality deliverables to clients. Afterwards we implemented a Fractional CIO to help make critical decisions for business development.

MVP App Development

The Need: The company spent too much time reconciling the billing information to upload to accounting software.


The Solution: We developed an API solution that would automatically format billing data to the requirements needed for reconciliation that normally would need to be done manually. The solution in place has saved hours of employee time a month.

The Lockwood Foundation
Making Adventure Accessible

Volunteer Pipeline Automation

The Need: The organization needed a way to streamline getting more volunteers when new events came up



The Solution: We created a guided technical process that included their social media, website, and CRM. We then implemented a waiver software that would automatically get them informed and signed on to the next volunteering events. We took this same solution and implemented it on the website as well. 

CRM (VRM) / Website Automation for Donor Events

The Need: The organization needed a landing page and direct integration into their volunteer/donor management system. This then needed to be fully automated on email communication and user guidance.



The Solution: We developed a working landing page and form that would directly integrate with the software they needed to connect to. We then worked with the management software to ensure automation and user experience were operating as expected. 

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