Building An Impact Page
And Why You Need One

Calculating, observing, and sharing a social organization’s influence is key to gaining support and achieving overall growth. By showcasing your positive work, accomplishments, and impact measurements, you’ll incite new collaborations, increase press recognition, validate your work for prospects and stakeholders, and help make your vision come to life (How to write an impact page). And you can present information, metrics, or data through an impact page


Let’s look at a type of metric we as a society are already utilizing in our daily lives to illustrate how important data and information are.

Data and Reviews: Why Impact Pages Are Important

Before you decide to purchase a good, service, or product from a business, what’s one type of data or metric you examine first? Reviews. For most of us, the more positive reviews a company has, the more confidence we feel in ultimately investing in or buying from them. With enough reviews accumulated, they become data.

If we already rely on this kind of information in our lives for day-to-day decision-making, how much more vital are data, metrics, and facts when helping to solve social problems? Collecting, analyzing, and displaying the correct information can make true social impact and progress. But, how do you create an impact page that can help generate that kind of lasting change? Let’s begin with goal setting.

Setting Your Goals for the World to See

As a social impact organization, it’s important to establish goals to expand your reach and influence in the most effective way possible. Setting goals helps to create a roadmap, provides direction, instills intentionality, and generates motivation. And displaying your goals through your impact page will help move you one step closer to achieving your ultimate mission and vision.

Setting and sharing your goals will:

  • Display what you’ve accomplished and what you hope to fulfill in the future
  • Provide valuable insights for your stakeholders
  • Establish objectives for pitching founders and sponsors
  • Assist with fundraising efforts or investment goals, identifying how those investments will be allocated
  • Improve social media and emotional engagement with your audience
  • Help you with future decision-making

Whenever possible, use quantifiable data in your goal setting and sharing (e.g., planting 100,000 trees by 2022) to add validity. After establishing your goals, let’s examine the key elements that should be included on your impact page.

Your Impact Page’s Key Elements

While your business’s impact is as unique as your mission, there are some key elements that you should include on your impact page:

  • Specific, quantifiable, if possible, metrics for your goals (people love to see numbers!)
  • Inspiring case studies
  • Impact stories
  • Videos and clips of others talking about the effect of your mission
  • The diversity of your team, efforts, communities, and people served
  • Explanation of what your numbers mean, which adds value and context
  • Testimonials
  • How your data has changed over time, and your forecast for the future

Remember to incorporate story and emotion when possible, allowing you to connect and resonate with your audience! And one last thing to keep in mind is that it’s essential to remain consistent in sharing information for accountability and inspiring action among your audience.

Consistency and Accountability to Inspire Action

Consistency and accountability will help your organization grow and inspire your audience, stakeholders, supporters, volunteers, and other foundations to take action. In addition, finding opportunities to share your mission progress regularly will help you stay on track with your own goals and prompt your audience to take part in helping achieve them.  

Are You Ready to Expand Your Reach? We Can Help!

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