Operations Development & Infrastructure

Running a successful organization or business requires your people, processes, and technology to work together in a fluid motion. However, you are struggling to keep your staff on the same page 100% of the time, deadlines and clients get missed, and you have no way to report to your grant funders how successful your organization is. World Shift Technologies wants to change that for you. We help you design and create an infrastructure suited for you.

Achieve Success Through Technology

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Development & IT services

One-stop-shop for your technical needs. We have you covered when you need a developer to create a solution custom to your needs. We offer a free discovery consult to determine what solution would work best for you.

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Fractional CIO

Gather the right information to
to make the right decisions

Making a critical organizational decision can be difficult without having all the data needed to make that decision. Hiring a fractional CIO will help you gather the vital information necessary to make that critical decision and determine the best solution for that decision. Hop on a discovery call and determine if a fractional CIO is a good fit.

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